Complexity in Academic Writing That You Must Understand

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The readers, as well as writers, should understand that written words are more complex than spoken words. Its reason is that written language is lexically dense than spoken language. Along with the grammatical words, the writers also use lexical words. In the written texts, the writers use more complex words and phrases. Along with noun-based phrases, we have to use lexical variations. The use of subordinate clauses further increases the complexity of academic writing. According to Einstein, if you can’t explain something, it means that you have not understood it properly. Here, we will discuss complexity in academic writing.

Complexity in Academic Writing

We will try to start our conversation by explaining the complexity of academic writing. After that, we will also try to know the necessity of complexity in academic writing. To completely understand this concept, you should read an article by Victoria Clayton “The Needless Complexity of Academic Writing”. In this article, she has explained that creating clear and concise content is not a new concept. Anyhow, we have to make it part of the protected tradition. Here, we should also mention an article by Stephen Pinker. According to him, academic writing is bad because we have to create it by mixing various styles. It means that writers have to keep in mind the desires and interests of the audience.

Dissertation writing service firm says when writers have to create content by keeping in mind the desires and interests of the audience, they may lose their balance. It means that they have to compromise on their norms. Pat Thomson has further elaborated this concept. According to her, it is a complex business and the complexity in academic writing has made it trickier. Pat Thomas has also discussed that before starting the academic writing process, you require material from well-designed projects. You should also have a good grip on the literature review. It means that you can’t start the academic writing process without understanding the academic writing disciplines. To extend your knowledge, you will have to adopt certain academic efforts through research. No doubt, we can’t deny the complexity of the business.

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Anyhow, it is still a question of either writing can be complex or not. The University of Reading LibGuides has provided an answer to this question. The main purpose of academic writing is to explain complex ideas. Anyhow, we have to make them in such a way that they should be least likely to be challenged. While answering the question relevant to complex writing, they have explained that the writers should not use complex language or expressions. To explain your concepts, you should use straightforward language. While using this straightforward language, you should make sure that your readers should easily understand your concepts. After getting the answer to the above-mentioned question, we should move towards the second question. Now, we should try to get the answer relevant to the impacts of complexity in academic writing on the comprehension of the readers.

Illumine Ltd has written an article to explain this concept. They have explained that we can easily make academic papers less or more complex based on the reading level of the targeted audience. According to them, we can reduce the complexity of the challenging articles too. Anyhow, we have to include simple features for the guidance of the readers. Enago Academy has discussed the comprehension and readability of the text based on the complexity of sentences. If we use long and convoluted sentences, they can increase the complexity of the content. On the other hand, if we will use too short and simple sentences, we can’t hold complex thoughts and fluency of the content. If you want to enhance the readability of the content, you will have to use appropriate sentences.

Challenges and Benefits of Reducing Complexity

Before eliminating complexity in academic writing, we should know that why it is an acceptable feature in academic writing. By using the style of writing, we should try to reflect the nature of knowledge. For this reason, different writers have explained the rules and guidelines of different writing styles. If you want to create the best quality academic content, you will have to follow these rules and guidelines. Anyhow, if you will break these rules or guidelines, you may completely miss the meanings of the academic paper. As a result, you can’t make your voice heard among the audience. No doubt, it is not the answer to the question.

To get the answer to this question, we mention the study by Yelay Birhan. He has claimed that we have to create academic content for the scholars. He has also explained that complexity is the feature of academic content. Its reason is that written content is more complex than spoken content. After understanding the existence of complexity in academic writing, we will try to reduce it. First of all, we have to reduce complexity in our thought process. While creating content for academic papers, thousands of ideas swirl around our minds. This thing shows our intelligence. During this process, we should also try to control complexity.

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Secondly, we should focus on the actual writing process. Here, you can follow various techniques to tighten up your mistakes in writing. For example, if you will make needless use of passive voice sentences, you can increase their complexity. By reducing the needless amount of passive voice sentences, you can easily decrease the complexity of the content. No doubt, you may face lots of challenges to reduce complexity in academic content. Anyhow, if you will control your impersonal tone, you can easily control it. It means that you should turn your actions into concepts. When you will get success to reduce complexity, you can get lots of benefits. For example, you can share your content with a wide range of audiences.


If you are writing an academic paper or reading an academic paper, you should know that written content is more complex. It is due to the presence of lexical density in the written content. The experts are saying that complexity in academic writing is one of the most important features of academic papers. Anyhow, you can easily reduce complexity. We have to start this process by reducing the complexity of the thought process. After that, we can make some changes in the actual writing process. If we will get success in reducing complexity, we can easily share the academic papers with a wide range of audiences.