Top 7 Link Building Tips and Tricks for New Professionals

Top 7 Link Building Tips

Either you are trying to earn a handsome amount from AdSense or Amazon Affiliate Program, the clicks on your website matters a lot. If the organic traffic of your website is increasing, it will increase the potential revenue of your website. The only way to increase the organic traffic of your website is to do proper SEO of your website. You should invest enough time to become an SEO professional. To become an SEO professional, you will have to be updated with the constant changing of Google’s algorithms. You will have to be analytical and creative. Here, we will discuss the top seven link building tips and tricks for new SEO professionals.


Employ Broken Link Building:

The new professionals should make use of broken link building strategy. The best resources to utilize for the broken link building strategies are Wikipedia and industry blogs or magazines. To get backlinks for your website by using this link building strategy is to scan the websites for the broken links. The broken links last bad impacts on the SEO of a website. Therefore, the websites will not bear these broken links in their web pages. After finding these broken links, you should contact the website owners. You can contact them via email. You should write an email and tell the website owners that the specific links in your website are broken and they are lasting bad impacts on the SEO of their websites. They should replace these links with links of your website. As you are helping them, they will replace these broken links with your links.


Claim Brand Mentions:

To acquire these kinds of link building strategies, you will have to set your website as a brand in the industry. When people find useful information on your website, they will try to mention the name of your brand in their web posts. You should track this brand name mentions on the internet. To track the brand name mentions on the internet, you can use various tools like Google Alerts and After finding these brand names, you should compose an email. In this email, you should request the website owners to provide links to your website. As they have mentioned your brand name after getting inspired by the content of your website, therefore, they can easily provide a link to your website.


Spy One Competitors’ Backlinks:

The new SEO professionals should also learn that they can also generate lots of backlinks for their websites by spying on the backlinks of their competitors. To spy on the backlinks of their competitors, they have to use the best SEO software like Ahrefs. This essential SEO tool allows users to get useful data about the backlinks of their competitors. After getting this data, they can utilize this data to create the best backlinks for their websites. This is also the best technique to outrank your competitor. This SEO tool will provide you with complete detail about the linking websites. It will provide you with an idea about the do-follow and no-follow backlinks. It will also provide an idea about the DA and PA of these websites. While spying on competitors’ backlinking profile, you should try to create the best quality backlinks. Its reason is that if you are creating the low-quality backlinks, these backlinks will not provide enough help in improving the SEO of your website.


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Perform Bloggers Outreach:

As a new SEO professional, you should know that to optimize your website for SEO is not as easy as it was in the past. Nowadays, you will have to face lots of restrictions on Google. According to recent updates in Google’s algorithms, it is the quality of the backlinks that matters in the SEO of a website rather than the quantity of the backlinks. To create the best quality backlinks for your website, you should have enough command on this backlinking strategy. By following this backlinking strategy, you will have to find out the best quality websites in your niche. After finding these websites, you should contact with their administrators and ask them for guest blogging. If they agree, you should write the best quality guest post for them and place the link of your website in this guest post.


Link Reclamation:

Research by a Assignment Help firm shows that most of the SEO professionals just learn how to build the best quality backlinks for their websites. After creating the backlinks, they don’t track these backlinks. As a new SEO professional, you should also learn that to track link building strategies is as important as to create the backlinks. While tracking the link building strategies, if you find that you have lost some backlinks, you should reclaim these backlinks. To reclaim these backlinks, you can also contact the administrator of the website.


Build Community Site Links:

No doubt, Google is giving importance to the best quality backlinks in increasing the SEO of your website. Google has also provided clear directions about backlinks. According to Google, you can’t build manual backlinks for your website. These backlinks should be created naturally. If you are creating backlinks for your website from the high DA and PA websites, it will give a signal to the Google’s algorithms that you are trying to get the higher rank in the search engines by creating manual backlinks. As a result, Google can penalize your website. To save your website from this kind of problem, you should build community site backlinks for your website. You can create the community site backlinks from the various resources like Quora, Reddit and forums etc.


Content Repurposing and Syndication:

You can’t create enough backlinks for your website just by following outreach backlinking strategy. You can also create lots of backlinks for your website by following some other techniques like sharing content on the infographic directories and video-sharing websites. To get the backlinks from these resources, you will have to generate appropriate content. For example, if you want to get backlinks from the video-sharing websites, you will have to create videos. If you want to get backlinks from the infographics, you will have to create visual content. These links are also known as the powerful links for your website.