Dependence of Users On Smartphones and Their Apps

Dependence of Users On Smartphone

Dependence of Users On SmartphoneEver since smartphones have been introduced, users are becoming more and more dependent on their devices to help them live a normal and comfortable. Before these smartphones, people had simple phones and even mobile phones which facilitated their existence and made it easy for them to remain in touch with their loved one and their businesses like PhD dissertation writing service. However, since these new models have made their way to the consumers, most of the people are now proud owners of a smartphone, whether it is an Android phone, an Apple one or a Microsoft phone and use it in various aspects of their lives.


While these smartphones have brought a lot of progress and development with them, yet on the other hand, it has made humans too much dependent on technology. Instead of doing even the simplest of task themselves, the consumers now reach for their smartphones and the numerous apps that they have downloaded to do their tasks without doing anything else for writing reflective essay. Currently, smartphones are dominating the market with different brands advertising their functionality and usage. Every day, hundreds and thousands of switch over to these devices as they are not only convenient to use but also light and portable and lessen the need for them to do. Further, these enable them to accomplish all their goals in a very quick and time effective way.


However, on the other hand, many people are becoming seriously addicted to these phones, dedicating their every move and movement to these smartphones and living a very strange life. No matter where we go people are engaged with their smartphones; while some are checking their emails, others are playing games, some are taking their selfies or group pictures and some are just browsing around in their phone. While it is acceptable to be busy, yet sometimes it is very strange to see a group of people sitting together but instead of talking and communicating with each other, all these people are busy with their smartphones which is not odd but sometimes downright rude.


These phones or these smartphones were invested to help people connect but the more we are getting connected with people who are not with us, the more disconnected we are getting with the ones who are near us which is not at all good as it is leading to a different environment where people are becoming too distant. Most of the people who are using these latest gadgets are youth and young adults and if they become too much dependent on these smartphones, it can have serious repercussions.


Not only it will affect their studies and their social behaviour but it will also affect their careers in the long run because they will not be able to focus on anything else except their games and things of their interest. These days, users are dependent on smartphones and their apps like gaming apps as well as chatting and calling apps to do anything. Whether it is checking time, saving number, browsing social media sites or anything else, users have become too much reliant on these smartphones.