Month: January 2018

Which Resources Are Available For Online Ph.D. Degree?

Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) is considered as the highest degree in all the universities of the world. These Ph.D. programs are available in various academic fields like Physics, Chemistry, Botony, Zoology, Mathematics, Finance, Arts, Business administration, HRM, and so on. The students can get the Ph.D. degrees as a regular student as well as an online student. There are a lot of universities that are providing facilities to the students to get Ph.D. degrees in the various academic fields by studying online. Here, we will provide a list of the most famous universities that are providing opportunities to the students in order to get the online Ph.D. degrees. Capella University is one of the most famous universities that is providing a huge opportunity to the students to get the o...

What Is A Meta-Analysis In Research?

It is a fact that when we are going to write any kind of the research paper, then we will have to evaluate the results of the previous research in order to derive the conclusion about our own research. Therefore, a systematic method that is used to assess the results of the previous research in order to derive the conclusions of the present research in a quantitative and formal way is known as meta-analysis. This meta-analysis is the most important way to provide a control shape to the random data regarding your research topic. This meta-analysis is devised to combine the results of the various scientific studies by conducting the statistical analysis. The process of meta-analysis consists of various steps. First of all, you will have to formulate the research question. Secondly, yo...