Disadvantages of Completing Graduation in the United States

Graduation in United States

The USA is the world’s most famous destination to get higher education for international students. That’s why lots of students try to complete their graduation in the USA. After getting admission in the US universities, they can avail lots of benefits. First of all, they get the best scholarship opportunities. After availing these scholarship opportunities, they get lots of financial support to complete their degrees. Secondly, they can also avail the best internship opportunities after completing graduation from the USA. Thirdly, along with getting an education, the students can also get interchangeable skills. At last, they can also avail the best earning opportunities. Along with these advantages, the students have to face some disadvantages while completing graduation in the US. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss the disadvantages of completing graduation in the US.

  • Higher Costs Of Living:

Before getting admission in the US, the students should know that life in the US is expensive. After getting admission in the US, the students have to live in the USA. All the students can’t afford the living costs in the US. While living in the US, the students have to face the problems of expensive costs of accommodation, food and other daily life things. Along with these things, the students have to spend some extra money on some other things. For example, they have to spend money on enjoying parties with their friends. If they want to visit different places in the US, they have to spend extra money. Without solid financial support from the parents, the students can’t complete their graduation degree in the US.

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  • Tuition Fees:

Most of the international students think that education is free in the US. They should know that education is not free in the US. After enrolling in a course, the students have to pay its tuition fees. The tuition fees for these courses are expensive for the students. The higher tuition fees of these courses have made it difficult for the students to get education from the US universities. Anyhow, there is a difference between the tuition fees of the public and private universities. Before getting admission in these universities, the students should take an overview of the tuition fees of their courses. They should get admission only if they can bear these tuition fees. If they fail to pay tuition fees, they can’t complete their graduation in the US.

  • Higher Financial Expenditures Than Other Countries:

To complete the graduation degree in the US, you will have to spend money. If you will get admission in the private university to get a graduation degree, you will have to spend almost $18671.54 to complete the graduation. On the other hand, if you will get admission to the public university to complete graduation, you will have to spend almost $14314.85. Now, we will try to compare these expenses with some other countries. The students have to spend just $8713.39 to complete graduation from Australia. To complete the graduation from Canada, they have to spend $8091.00. They have to spend the same amount to complete graduation degree from the UK. Anyhow, if they want to get a graduation degree at the cheapest rates, they should get admission in Germany. Anyhow, to get admission in Germany is a difficult task for the students.

  • Excitement Fades Out:

As an international student, when you will enter into the USA, you will find it a new country and surrounding. That’s why you will try to explore different historical places in the USA. Moreover, to overcome their loneliness, they have to take part in different kinds of activities. The students have to engage themselves in different kinds of activities. After taking part in these activities, they can overcome their feelings of loneliness. These things will also be helpful for them to keep up their excitement level. When they will engage in these kinds of activities, they can’t pay enough attention to their studies.

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  • Job Security:

Recently, we are observing unfriendly political scenarios in the US. That’s why it is difficult for us to get stable jobs in the US. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get stable jobs in the US. Now, the problem is that after getting the stable jobs, they can’t get the best salaries. Moreover, the companies are also trying to cut off their costs. That’s why they are cutting out employees from their companies. When a company cuts off the employees, first of all, the administrators think about the foreign employees. Therefore, after completing graduation degree from the UK, you will not get job security.