Top 5 Applications for Students to Manage Their Expenses

Applications to Manage Expenses

Students find it very tough to manage their expenses and stay within their budgets. They feel lost when it comes to calculating how much money they had, where did they spend it all and why they are broke at the end of the month. With the financial pressures affecting them, students find it very hard to manage their studies and personal life at the same time. Using the right app as suggested by coursework help firm, can take care of this problem for them; if you are a student who is finding it hard to manage your expenses, download and start these applications, and you will see how quick and easy finance management and savings would become.


This is the best banking app for people who cannot manage their bank accounts on their own, no matter how hard they try. If you have always shied away from banking chores and try to avoid it as much as possible, do not fret as Simple is here to take care of things for you. It would not be wrong to say that Simple is the future of money. There are no central banks, no tellers, no lollipops at the counter, just a bank that exists in the air and simplifies all your banking needs within one account. Simple works by replacing your bank account with its own, giving you a clear view of your bank account and budget in the same app that makes it easy for you to keep a check on your money and control the budget easily. There is also a goal feature that helps to boost your savings and gives you a chance to save some for the bad days.

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This app was voted as one of the best apps by the users and it is with a valid reason too. With its smart features, this app helps you stay on top of every facet of your money all from one place, with a convenient and user-friendly interface. Mint gives you a chance to create a budget in a few short steps; you will also get alerts when it’s time to pay the bills or if you are coming to your budget limit and have limited funds left. You will also get an alert if you are going over the budget. The best feature of this app is the tips for maximizing your money every day, such as not buying things that cost more or are not that important.


This app is best for managing your expenses if you do your shopping and want the best deals. It brings you the most affordable deals on supermarket items and, each time you create a shopping list on the app, it compares your basket across major supermarkets and tells you which shop has the lowest prices and if there are any special discounts or deals on your list. Even if you have not prepared a list before going to the supermarket, you can still make use of this app by just scanning the barcodes with your phone; the app will tell you if the same items can be found at a cheaper rate at some other place.


Downloading this app gives students lots of benefits; they can get vouchers and discount codes for almost everything good for them when it comes to spending. There are a few features of the app that you must know before getting it; there is the ‘best featured’ section in the deals sections that provides the best deals of the deal. Along with this, there is also the ‘near me’ function that sources deals and codes that provide details regarding restaurants and social activities located close by. All you need to do to avail of the code and seek the discount is by downloading the voucher you want and use it when paying for the product and service you are availing of. This is a great app that provides you with a chance to manage your expenses and get the most valued deals, saving a lot of money.

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Personal Capital:

it is one of the best personal finance apps for students; it is more like a personal investment advisor than a personal finance app. if you are looking forward to working with a money manager that shows you net worth, manage all your foreign as well as domestic bank accounts from one dashboard, analyses your investment to spot hidden fees and helps you come up with the best retirement plan without hiring a professional, this is the app. The most valued feature of this app is the free automated analysis of any current investment fees that you are paying. Even if you are looking for an investment PA, you should work with personal capital as it also offers some budgeting tools that can make things easy for you.