10 topic ideas for writing a critical review in business management

Critical reviews are reviews of the selected texts. The selected texts can be the books, articles, as well as a book chapter. Carrying out a critical review in the field of business management is a common practice. Here are the ideas often topics that can be used in the field of business management.

The first topic can be the workplace diversity. It can be selected as it has gained an increased attention in the field of business in the recent days as the globalization has expanded the business across borders. The companies these days are hiring employees across borders. This makes the managers come to face to face with a new challenge, as they need to manage the workplace that is becoming increasingly diverse with employees from various backgrounds, countries and cultures.

  1. The second topic is the management qualities. The growth and the success of the companies these days is more based on the management techniques that need to be used by the managers. The management techniques include the strategies that are used by the managers as they hire and recruit, manage the conflicts and define a performance reward plan.
  2. Management and the success of small business.Some of the main areas that can be reviewed critically include the products that are bought or preferred by the consumers to be bought from small business owners, the strategies that can be used for the promotion of the small business, the ways the small business is affected with the changes in the business and most importantly, can partnerships be used in the small business.
  3. One of the main topics that can be selected for critical review is the franchises. The advantages or disadvantages of the franchises, the success rates of the franchises and the models of existing franchises are some of the main areas that can be reviewed.
  4. Globalization is another main topic. How it has affected the business these days and how it affects the decision-making steps and the strategies that they design.
  5. How the businesses and the employees are affected when the minimum salaries are cancelled.
  6. The overall effectiveness of internet-based marketing on the overall success of the business.
  7. How does the outsourcing help the business and how the outsourcing is helpful for the business in the economic sense?
  8. What are the main rules of ethics that are to be followed by the managers in the business and how ethics affect the business?
  9. What is the power of image for business in the modern globalized business world?The globalization has changed the way the business care itself and advertises itself. This is important as the business these days release that the success of the businesses more dependent on the image of the business. Thereby the review can highlight how the more successful companies have worked on their images and how they market themselves.