What Are The Most Deadly Natural Disasters’ Causes?

An adverse event which occurs as a natural process of Earth is known as a natural disaster. Some examples of these natural disasters are floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. There are lots of adverse impacts of these natural disasters. As a result of these natural disasters, we can face a lot of losses in the form of deaths and destructions of the property. These natural disasters can also last some adverse impacts on the economy of a country. If a student is not able to write an academic paper about the deadly causes of natural disasters, then you can get help from experts in dissertation writing services. Anyhow, the most deadly natural disasters’ causes are given below;

  • Displaced population

Displaced population is considered one of the most immediate causes of natural disasters. For example, due to the earthquake, we can observe that many cities and villages are destroyed and the residents of these cities and villages have to leave their homes. Its reason is that they face a lot of issues in these regions like a lake of health care and education facilities and insufficient supply of food and clean water.

  • Health risks

Aside from the displaced population, these natural disasters can also become a cause of several health risks. For example, due to severe flooding, bacteria and mosquito breed and these bacteria and mosquito can become a cause of several diseases. If the residents of these areas are not able to get immediate relief from the international organizations, then death tolls can rise in these areas.

  • Food scarcity

Another deadly cause of these natural disasters is that the food is scared. As a result, tons of crops and other agricultural supplies are destroyed and there is a possibility of occurring a drought. The prices of the remaining food are raised and it is difficult for poor families to purchase this food. The result of hunger is in the form of Typhoon and hurricane which can cause some adverse impacts on the development of the children.

  • Emotional aftershocks

These natural disasters are also traumatic for young children. Due to the deaths of their loved ones, they face PTSD. PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The impact of PTSD is that children can suffer a lot of psychology and emotional disorders.

  • Child-centred Spaces

As we know that it is the desire of each parent to provide food, shelter and other basic facilities to their children. After losing all of these facilities due to natural disaster, they face a lot of difficulties to provide all of these facilities to their children. Moreover, the shocking effects of these natural disasters remain in the minds of the children and these shocking effects don’t allow them to recover quickly.

  • Environmental problems

These natural disasters also last a lot of environmental problems. The earthquakes can release radioactive material which is fatal for the existence of life. An example of this kind of earthquake was observed in Japan in 2011. As a result, a lot of deaths occurred.