How Gaming Consoles Influence The Youth?

Gaming Consoles Influence

Gaming Consoles InfluenceIt is true that today’s youth have worship of video games. According to modern research, video gaming companies are receiving more money than movies and DVD’s. Nowadays, video games can engage youth physically and emotionally. Young people feel the love with video games, because, they watch adventures in the video games. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of dissertation proposal writing services will discuss how gaming consoles influence the youth.

According to a nationwide survey, 97% of young people play video games.  This review declared that young people spend their free time playing video games. Basically, the people who play video games are divided into two groups such as “M” for mature and “A” for Adults. In this commentary, we will discuss how youth take part in the video games.  According to Pew researchers, how young people play a game is just because they feel happy with gaming adventure. Similarly, it is recommended that parents should take the time to play the same games which their children want to play.

According to the American academy, most children become angry and cruel, because, they play violent video games. In some case, we find all these things in the youth. Young people behaviour is change just because of violent video games. Playing a video game is not a bad thing; however, it is most important that youth should play just positive video games. For example, younger children can be exaggerated by violent images in the video game.

According to the children health, young people feel anxiety and aggressive, because they play violent video games. Video games are playing all around the world.   Playing video games can affect the mind, emotions and thoughts of the young people. Young generation should take part in the students rather than in video games. All these things are very beneficial that younger should keep in mind in order to stay healthy. However, in many cases, gaming can give young people an escape from the fever and fret of the world. Most young people are worried about their future; therefore, they feel fresh while playing video gaming. It is considered that video game can be a source of relaxation for young people. However, gaming can give us an opportunity to enjoy our life and gaming is very useful in order to remove unrealistic reality from the mind.

According to the modern research and health centre, most young people play video games because; they feel free from the tensions. Video gaming is a source to get escape from reality.  Young people do not want to face reality; therefore, they play video games in order to stay in the Utopian Land.

It is true that most companies use video games in order to promote their products as well as trends. If you see many adds, while you are playing video games. A video gaming company makes more money than other companies. Thus, we can conclude with this statement that video games are most attractive, therefore, video gaming console to the young people.