An Informative Post On, “The Life of Queen Elizabeth II” by The Academic Papers UK

This informative post is written by Academic Papers UK about the life history of queen Elizabeth II. After reading this post, you will be able to get enough information about the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

An Informative Post On, “The Life of Queen Elizabeth II” by The Academic Papers UK

Queen Elizabeth II is known as the longest-reigning monarch in the history of Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth II was born as Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. She was born in the royal family of London on April 21, 1926. She was married to Philip Mountbatten in 1947 and she became queen in 1952. Queen Elizabeth II has also the great name in history because she was also the mother of Prince Charles and she was also the grandmother of Prince William and Harry. Another important thing that is associated with Queen Elizabeth II was that she had also modernized her reign by adopting some modern traditions.

Early life

At the time of her birth, most of the people did not realize that she can become the queen of Great Britain. During the first decade of her life, she was known from his nickname Lilibet and almost all the members of the royal family called her with this nickname. Margaret was the sister of Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret got their early education from their home from different tutors. In their early education, they had learned basic mathematics, French, history, dancing, and some other art lessons. During World War II, Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret have to stay out of their home in London. They were living in Windsor Castle. From there, they had broadcasted her first radio program. In this radio program, she showed her calm and firm personality by addressing to the children that all will be good after this war. After that Elizabeth tried to show her interest in different areas with her father and she had also made lots of official royal visits with her family members. After the victory of Europe in the war, she and her sister were allowed to mingle anonymously with the citizens.

Ascension to the crown

After the death of Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather George V in 1936, her uncle became the king. Anyhow, he was fallen in love with Wallis Simpson (an American divorcee). Therefore, he had to choose one thing between the crown and Simpson. In the end, he had left the crown and chose Simpson. After that, her father became king in 1937 and after the death of her father in 1952, her mother became Queen Elizabeth I and she had become Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth’s coronation

Elizabeth was crowned as Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. When she became queen, her age was 27 years. Anyhow, Queen Elizabeth II had started to assume the responsibilities of the ruling monarch after the death of her father in 1952. The most important thing about this coronation ceremony was that it was broadcasted first time on the television. Therefore, millions of people from all around the world have witnessed the pomp and spectacle of this event.

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband

On November 20, 1947, she got married to Philip Mountbatten. Philip Mountbatten was a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Philip Mountbatten was the son of Prince Andrew of Greece. She was just 13 years old when she met with Philip Mountbatten. After that, they spent lots of years together and soon, they were fallen in love with each other. Anyhow, they were an unusual pair. Its reason was that Queen Elizabeth II had a quiet and calm personality. On the other hand, Philip Mountbatten had a boisterous and outspoken personality. Her father King George VI was hesitant about their relationship because Philip didn’t possess great wealth and he also considered that Philip had a rough personality.

Queen Elizabeth’s children

Queen Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten had four children. Their first child Charles was born in 1948 just after one year of their wedding. After that their first daughter Anne was born in 1950. Their third children Andrew was born in 1960 and Edward was born in 1964. In 1969, Queen Elizabeth made her son Charles as her successor and he had also given the title of Prince of Wales. This crown ceremony was also broadcasted on the TV and hundreds of millions of people had seen this ceremony live on the TV. In 1981, Prince Charles got married to 19 years old Diana.

Personal losses

In 2002, when she was celebrating her Golden Jubilee (50 years on the throne), she had to say good-bye to their mother and sister Margaret. Her mother who was also known as Queen Elizabeth I died at the age of 101 years.