Lionheart Health Expands Healthspan Product Portfolio With Unveiling of Klotho Patch™ and Klotho Pod™ Wearable Technologies

Mission Viejo, California ( Wednesday Apr 24, 2024 @ 12:00 PM Pacific —

Lionheart Health, Inc., a Leonhardt Ventures LLC company, is an innovation leader in technologies intended for healthspan extension, regenerative aesthetics, sports medicine, and organ regeneration healing with over 500 related patent claims. Today the company announced the expansion of its klotho therapy products portfolio with the unveiling of both Klotho Patch™ and Klotho Pod™.

“Klotho Patch™ and Klotho Pod™ are important additions to Lionheart Health’s expanding product and platform portfolio that we hope in the future will empower MedSpa and Sport Medicine professionals to better help their patients reach their healthspan, aesthetics, and sports injury recovery goals,” said Howard J. Leonhardt, inventor and Executive Chairman & CEO of Lionheart Health, Inc. “These easy to use ready to go on the go wearable solutions may in the future be a preferred alternative for those seeking a convenient way to increase their local and circulating klotho levels”

Over 3,750 Papers Published on Klotho

Since its discovery in 1997 – 3,759 scientific and clinical papers have been published on klotho. The clear conclusion of this body of work is that if you are low in circulating Klotho you are aging more rapidly and are more likely to encounter aging-related ailments including death earlier than your expected time.

Klotho Patch™ and Klotho Pod™ have been designed to match user expectations and experiences with well-known familiar patch and pod products already on the market in widespread use. In addition to their compact, comfortable, and convenient form factors, Klotho Patch™ and Klotho Pod™ both feature flexible designs with customizable dosing as well as app-based easy-to-adjust dosing capabilities.

Sample devices are available to support technical evaluation and human factors studies, with clinical devices scheduled for the end of 2024 after extensive pre-clinical testing has been fully completed.

Unmatched Experience

Lionheart Health is emerging as the undisputed innovation leader in applying the convergence of bioelectric controlled protein expressions and bioelectric enhanced biologics to goals of healthspan extension, regenerative aesthetics, sports injury recovery, and organ regeneration healing.

Decades of trusted collaborations with hundreds of researchers and dozens of well-designed and executed pre-clinical and clinical studies around the globe have resulted in an unmatched patented technology platform. Lionheart Health published its first bioelectric protein expression, healing, and regeneration peer-reviewed paper in circulation with Dr. Shinichi Kanno in 1999. Over 600,000 patients have been treated with Leonhardt and Lionheart Health collaborating partnership inventions, devices, and biologics.

Leonhardt Ventures LLC and Lionheart Health continually invest in expanding its intellectual property portfolio with daily research work at its R&D lab in Irvine, California led by Dr. Jorge Genovese and its affiliated Pre-Clinical Studies facility in Northern San Diego County, California as well as many OUS research partnership locations such as Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, The Netherlands, Spain and Canada. Over a dozen clinical trials are enrolling patients now or are about to enroll.

About Lionheart Health:

Lionheart Health, Inc. is the commercialization and clinical research spin-out of Leonhardt Ventures LLC focused on healthspan longevity extension, regenerative aesthetics, and sports medicine applications for bioelectric controlled protein expressions and bioelectric enhanced biologics. Lionheart Health, Inc., plans by 2027 to have 1/3rd of its sales via its own branded Lionheart Longevity & Wellness MedSpas, 1/3rd to other MedSpas, Medical Concierge Clinics, and Sports Medicine Clinics, and 1/3rd Direct to Consumers.

Lionheart Health recently won the AbbVie Allergan ULP Golden Passport Startup Pitch Competition and has registered this week to compete in the XPRIZE $101 Million HEALTHSPAN competition.

About Leonhardt Ventures LLC:

In 2024, Leonhardt Ventures LLC will be celebrating its 42nd anniversary since its founding in 1982. The founding team has developed multiple breakthrough MedTech and biotech inventions.

Source: Lionheart Health, Inc., Mission Viejo, CA

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