Crawley Town Manager John Yems Banned For 15 Months


Crawley Town Football Club is thankful to the FA for their thorough investigation into John Yems’s behaviour and for securing a ban of 15 months for the ex-manager’s breach of the FA’s rule on discriminatory comments. A three-person independent panel found him guilty of 11 charges. It’s a strong reprimand for an individual who has made a number of negative comments about women and ethnic minorities. But the club hopes that the ruling will inspire other footballers to come forward if they’ve faced discrimination.

John Yems’ investigation will give others confidence to come forward if they’ve faced discrimination

It has been reported that the Football Association is investigating allegations of racism against Crawley Town players. The club’s former manager, John Yems, has been charged with multiple “aggravated breaches” of the FA’s rules.

The Professional Footballers’ Association has commended the players for raising their concerns. The association has also pledged to help them. Those players who are concerned should speak to their PFA delegate.

An investigation was launched after several Crawley players complained to the PFA about Yems’ language. He was accused of making racist comments about ethnic minorities and forcing black players to change in a separate dressing room.

A three-person independent commission found Yems guilty of 11 of the 16 charges. He was suspended for a total of 18 months. One charge was withdrawn.

During the investigation, a number of people who have worked with Yems were interviewed. He has denied the allegations. But he has been accused of using racist terms and referring to one player as a “Zulu warrior”.

Yems’ reputation has been damaged. Some players have reportedly sought counselling for mental health issues. Others said they thought there was segregation in the dressing room.

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Three-person independent panel have found him guilty of 11 charges

The Football Association has banned John Yems from all football related activities for 15 months for a string of aggravated breaches of FA rule E3.2. In fact, the suspension is the longest ever meted out to a manager for racist abuse.

Crawley Town FC has released a statement in the wake of the triumvirate. It praised the Independent Regulatory Commission for the “dutiful diligence” of its investigation, and expressed its gratitude for the aforementioned accolade. While it did not provide details on the reasons for its decision, the club has welcomed the PFA’s support.

One of the most intriguing allegations is that Yems used a n-word in a training session. He also denied requiring black players to change in a separate dressing room. A spokesperson for the PFA says that he was not a racist and that the incident was a one off.

The aforementioned “worst case scenario” occurred in the first week of December, a month before Yems was officially sacked by the Crawley based club. When asked about it, former manager Jason Lee said it takes “bravery and courage” to speak up about such a serious matter.

Crawley Town thank the FA for their thorough investigation

Crawley Town FC have thanked the Football Association for their thorough investigation into allegations against manager John Yems. The former manager was suspended in April after a number of accusations of discrimination were brought against him.

An independent regulatory commission has found 11 of the 16 charges against Yems to be proven. He was also ordered to attend an education program. This means he will be off the field for at least 15 months.

The club thanked fans for their support. They will hold a forum at their Broadfield Stadium on Wednesday. Fans will be able to vote on who should be the next directors of the club.

Yems’ suspension is the longest ever given for racist abuse. His former teammates Jason Lee and Mark Wright both praised him for his bravery.

As well as the ban, Yems was charged with using racist language towards Asian players. He denied all charges.

PFA’s call for equality, diversity and inclusion training

Earlier this month, John Yems, the former Crawley Town manager, was banned from all football activity until June 2024 for breaching FA’s rule on discriminatory comment. The independent regulatory commission convicted him of 11 of the 16 charges against him and ordered him to complete an education programme. This is the longest-ever ban given for racist abuse.

Several Crawley players alleged that Yems made a number of offensive comments to them during training sessions. These included racial and ethnic references, religious references, and even references to the colour of their skin. Those allegations were then taken to the Professional Footballers’ Association.

A three-person independent panel found Yems guilty of 11 charges. They were all aggravated breaches of FA Rule E3.2. For more information on the rules relating to discriminatory conduct, see the FA’s policies on discriminatory conduct.

Upon investigation, seven of the club’s players claimed that Yems used abusive language towards them during training. They also claimed that he called them the n-word. Although Yems denied making any such comments, the Independent Regulatory Commission found him guilty.

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